About Car Seats

Which Seat do I Need?

Use this simple guide to select the perfect car seat to hire for your child

Car seat groupBaby's weightBaby's approx. ageType
Group 00 - 10kgBirth - 6 monthsLay flat
Group 0+0 - 13kgBirth - 12/15 monthsRear facing
Group 0+/10 - 18kgBirth - 4 yearsCombination & rear facing only
Group 1/29 - 18kg or 25kg9 months - 6 yearsCombination & rear facing only
Group 19 - 18kg9 months - 4 yearsForward facing
Group 1/2/39 - 36kg9 months - 12 yearsHigh back booster with harness
Group 2/315 - 36kg4 years - 12 yearsHigh back booster & booster cushions

Which type to select?

How long should I keep my child rear facing?

As long as possible. Lots of parents are moving their children from rear to forward facing too early. The danger is that in the event of an impact, baby's neck isn't sufficiently developed to support a relatively heavy head. Keeping babies rearward facing for longer is the safer bet.

What are the benefits of single group versus multi-group car seats?

Single group car seats are optimised in shape for your child's weight with additional comfort feature, eg most group 1 car seats have easy-adjust comfort recline. Dedicated Group 0+ car seats are more portable and can be used as part of a travel system.

Multi-group car seats adjust to grow with your child and are ideal for parents who regularly drive children of varying ages or for grandparents.

How do I know when to move my child up a group?

Move from a Group 0+ to a Group 1 car seat when:

  • baby's weight exceeds 13kg
  • baby can confidently sit up unaided
  • the top of baby's head is higher than the top of the baby car seat

Move from a Group 1 to a Group 2/3 car seat when:

  • the weight limit is exceeded
  • your child's eye line is higher than the top of the seat

About Seat Groups

Group 0+
Also known as infant carriers, these rear facing, bucket style seats are perfect for that first journey home from the labour unit.

Group 0+/1
Rear facing seats offer better protection for baby's head, neck and spine.  Baby faces rearward to 10-13kg (depending on model) then forward to 18kg.

Group 1/2
A multi-stage choice which gives you the option of seating your child in the safer rear facing position for longer

Group 1
A shell-shaped seat that's optimised for protection. Most have multi-recline positions for sleepy toddlers to nap plus a one-pull harness system for easy in-out.

Group 1/2/3
Use with integral harness from 9-18kg; from 15-36kg - the harness stows away to use the 3 point seat belt instead

Group 2/3
This high back booster is all you need for safe travels until 135cm or 12 years old.