Terms of Service

These are the conditions under which you rent equipment from Fatcatz Mobility

  • Please note that when hiring equipment, personal identification MUST be provided at the time of delivery, e.g. Driving licence, or passport .
  • Equipment must be returned or be ready for collection on time at the pre-agreed collection time, in good, clean condition as under these hire terms. Any cleaning charges, extra waiting time or re-visit to collect goods that are not ready as previously agreed will be billed separately and forwarded to the hirer. 
  • Whilst on hire the equipment and insurance is the sole responsibility of the hirer at all times. Breakages or losses will be charged for at the market rate.
  • Availability of equipment reserved whilst the customer is not present cannot be guaranteed. Best efforts will be made to correctly reserve equipment but we cannot be held responsible in the event of a shortage of equipment if pre-payment has not been forthcoming prior to the hire.
  • The hirer is acknowledged to have the necessary qualifications or knowledge for the control and use of the equipment supplied with safety.  Likewise we are not responsible for the circumstances under which the equipment is used 
    The signature on the hire contract / delivery note will be accepted as confirmation to this.
  • The named hirer is required to be present and make available the correct I.D. as advised and required together with any outstanding hire charges (in Euros) due at the time of delivery of the required hire equipment.  If he or she is not personally available at the agreed time and place of delivery, the goods will not be released or left with any third party, unless arranged/nominated at time of booking.  Any further re-delivery will be charged to the hirer at a fixed fee of 15 euros per visit payable at the time of receipt of goods. 
    Any hire charge deposits or pre-paid deposits will be lost in full if non-delivery takes place.
  • It is the hirer's responsibility to confirm that the right equipment has been supplied, is suitable for their requirements and is present at the beginning of the hire period.  All equipment must be checked by the hirer and confirmed to be in full working order on delivery,  The signature on the hire contract / delivery note will be accepted as confirmation to this.

You can call Fatcatz Mobility for advice, trouble shooting or anything else we can do to help.  We will show you how to use the equipment (on delivery) with safety and efficiency - but at the end of the day the customer who is using the equipment is responsible for their own actions and so should exercise the appropriate caution.

Based on years of nursing, we recommend:

  • Practice using the equipment before putting the patient in it - you don't want to put your heavy, slippery patient in the bath BEFORE discovering that your chosen hoist is too wide to be maneuvered in the narrow bathroom!
  • Plan what you are going to do - walk through the process first.  NEVER "Just do it"
  • Arrange your environment - be ready before you start and move people the minimum distances. (Plan to avoid panic!)
  • Best to ask for help before - rather than after. (Safety first, first aid last!)