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Welcome to Fatcatz Mobility

The  creation of Fatcatz Mobility follows the 'marriage' of almost 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse in UK, love of the island of Cyprus, and a passion to enable more people to share in its beauty and charm.

We solve mobility problems by hiring out mobility scooters, or by providing transport for you in your own wheelchair or scooter

In addition to  mobility services, we also hire children's items such as booster seats, bouncers, high chairs, travel cots, cot beds and car seats

Talk to us at:

Shop1  31,  Elefterou Avenue, Dherynia. 5380

mob: 00 357 99297750


Fantastic Service

Whilst on holiday in Cyprus my mobility scooter broke down and I was left with the likelihood of being stranded in the hotel and then having to get a non-working scooter home. A call to Fatcatz on the recommendation of the hotel solved the problem immediately as they were able to pinpoint the problem. What a service! I was bowled over by their efficiency and kindness. They made the difference between an ordinary holiday and a very successful one and I am extremely grateful.

Jan Chapman

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